Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby Wishlists

Hey all! Happy Monday! Just a note (and reminder) that I've posted links to our baby registries on the sidebar to the left.

Friday, November 23, 2007


In my last post, I told y'all about how we were setting out to find a new apartment and asked for your prayers during the process. Well, the whole pursuit of finding a new apartment was, start to finish, quite short and surprisingly easy. We ended up signing a lease for a privately owned two bedroom. It is above the landlord's garage and is really quite cute. The space is perfect for us, and we will now have the joy of a dishwasher and a washer/dryer. Hooray! The landlords, Kim and Bill, are very nice and seem to be really down to earth people. On top of finding a new place to live so quickly, we are also moving very soon! On December 15th, barring any unforeseen blizzard, we will be moving into our new place. Yes, that's approximately three weeks from now. I'm not entirely sure how we'll pull it off, but we'll make it happen. So you can turn your prayers from finding a place to actually settling in without losing our minds. :) We're both really excited and will be sure to post some pictures from the move, as well as some once we get settled in.


Friday, November 16, 2007

For your consideration....

We are currently in a state of hunting and deliberation. What does that mean? Well, we're not tracking bears, that's for sure. We were originally planning on moving in May, but the more we've thought about it the less that time made sense. So, we're now thinking about moving sometime during December or January. Good times. This means finding a place out here that is bigger than a cardboard box and yet still affordable. This is no easy task, mind you. Most one bedrooms around here are really expensive, and two bedrooms are even worse. This is precisely why we initially decided that we had to live on campus or not come out here for school. Well, now we're nearing the end of school and surprisingly want to stick around for a bit. So tomorrow we'll be looking at three different apartments. Two of them are two bedrooms, and one is a spacious one bedroom. They're all privately owned, which we've had experience with and have liked a lot. And the big bonus is that at least one of them has a dishwasher AND washer and dryer!!!! Raise your hand if that sounds like a little bit of heaven to you! I'll keep you posted on what we could be that all three are not anything like what we want. Then again, maybe they'll all be fabulous and I'll be posting about how much of a pain in the rear to decide between all of them. All of this to say, please be praying for us...