Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Dress from Alex (and Hawaii)

Sam the Ninja Spider

Meet Sam. Sam is a Ninja. Sam is also a spider. Earlier this week I attempted to send Sam the way of the Dodo, and he adeptly dodged my attacks as if I were no more than a Padawan on my first day of light-saber training. Following this initial run in, we met again on the fields of battle, and I was again rebuffed in my attempt to smoosh him like the arachnid that he is. So...I let him live...dunt dunt dun (or, I guess he let me live!??). Sam hasn't bitten anyone, and he mainly keeps to the periphery of the ceiling, except last night when I got home I saw him on my monitor calibrator. This is the best shot of him out of the several I took; chalk it up to his Ninja ability to go undetected. So far we have reached an agreement of neutrality, and after all, spiders are supposed to eat bugs right? Well, I don't particularly like bugs...

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Intrepid Photog

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