Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tummy time (or lack thereof...)

So I will be the first to admit that I am not very good at putting Ainsley down on her tummy. She's supposed to be on her tummy at least once a day so that she can develop the appropriate neck strength and motor skills necessary for crawling, etc. Well, I haven't been very good at getting her down on her tummy in her jungle (a floor mat with all sorts of colors and toys). However, now that we've started doing it on a more regular basis (ie: at least once a day for the last three days), she holds her head up like a champ. You would think that we've been doing it consistently for the last two months with how good she's doing. It just goes to show that a child can overcome her parents' failings and fears.

She's also doing better at napping in either her swing or her crib. She's still not a fan of her bassinet (maybe it's because there isn't anything to look at in there). But I figure we ease our way into it--let her learn to love sleeping out of our arms--and she'll do much better than if we tried to go cold turkey. I'm hoping that as she gets bigger, not only will she sleep longer at night, but she'll sleep better in the places she's supposed to sleep. Here's hoping at least, right?

Anyway, I'm so proud of our girl and how well she does with things. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Friday, May 23, 2008

So there are some books I like...

So now that I have all this time to read...
Anyone who wants to buy me more books...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So big!

Ainsley had her two month checkup today. There were lots of interesting things to look at, so she didn't fuss as much as last time. She weighs 12 pounds (no ounces) and is 23.5 inches long. (much to my chagrin, she'll probably be out of her 3 month clothes soon) Both measurements are in the 90th percentile. She's going to be taller than me, no doubt. :) Dr. L. says that her heart is nice and strong, her reflexes good, and that she is overall a very healthy baby. That's what we like to hear.

She also had her first round of shots today. She was very good--just a little crying, but then she fell asleep in my arms. (I was afraid that I was going to cry right along with her.) So far, so good. We'll have to keep an eye on her to make sure that she doesn't experience any side effects, but I'm not too worried about it.

Overall, this last month has been one of many new things for our little girl. She's seen both sets of grandparents, taken her first plane ride, been to her first museums, attended two graduations, stayed with a babysitter (Grandma), started taking bottles (still Mama's milk, though), and so much more. She's growing in so many amazing ways, and it seems like there's something new every day. Today she's started making this really cute noise--she looks right at me, smiles, gurgles and then makes a "goo" sound. It's heart-melting. She's still very even-tempered and only cries when there's something that needs to be taken care of.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who loves free stuff?!?

I've just entered a contest for a free Ergo baby carrier...these things are great! You can enter too---I'm a sucker for free stuff (even if it's just a possibility). :)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paternal Observation #3: "I Found It!"

Sarah commented to me this morning that we only had 2 pacifiers and that she had no idea where the other had gone. This wasn't surprising. Our laundry machine hasn't been working, and so we have been using the landlord's units, so we have a lot of clothes out of place. That has been because we have had friends and family in town due to my graduation from Seminary which precludes significant tidying around the house. So on top of being clean-challenged due to lack of space, too much stuff, and a newborn, we have had a lot of good reasons to be a bit messy as of late. When Sarah informed me of the pacifier situation, I caught myself thinking that we would need Indiana Jones and his crew in here to help us find the grail...I mean the Soothie.
Thus, while trying to organize our bedroom just now I discerned that my feet (which have been bare all morning) could use some snuggly goodness, and grabbed my slippers. The left went on fine, while the right was blocked by some unknown object. When flipped upside down, the slipper yielded up (or down, as it were) its hidden treasure. Out came the Soothie. I have no idea how it got there and I suspect that this is only beginning of the missing-and-found-again-in-some-odd-place shenanigans.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bath Hair Part Deux

Need I say more?

Friday, May 02, 2008

our new favorite thing...

Ainsley and I have discovered our new favorite thing...her swing. We bought it last weekend after discovering that she falls asleep in our arms when we swing her. Thinking that we could use a spare pair of "arms" in order to get things done (like shower, go to the bathroom, get out of pj's into real clothes, etc), we went out and bought a swing. And we love it. She naps well in it. She'll sit in there for a while when she's awake (though she doesn't last quite as long). And because of our fabulous swing, Ainsley gets great naps and Mama gets some chores done (or a nap). Whoever invented the swing is a genius. Seriously. Now I have to go take care of a non-napping baby.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ainsley loves Maleficent. It was my idea to put the dragon in the crib, since she wouldn't know to be scared of it if we simply started her out with it. Whenever we put her in for changing and swaddling, she will stare at the dragon like this. Its pretty cute. Oh yes, and lets not forget that Ainsley's heart belongs to Grandma.