Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paternal Observation #3: "I Found It!"

Sarah commented to me this morning that we only had 2 pacifiers and that she had no idea where the other had gone. This wasn't surprising. Our laundry machine hasn't been working, and so we have been using the landlord's units, so we have a lot of clothes out of place. That has been because we have had friends and family in town due to my graduation from Seminary which precludes significant tidying around the house. So on top of being clean-challenged due to lack of space, too much stuff, and a newborn, we have had a lot of good reasons to be a bit messy as of late. When Sarah informed me of the pacifier situation, I caught myself thinking that we would need Indiana Jones and his crew in here to help us find the grail...I mean the Soothie.
Thus, while trying to organize our bedroom just now I discerned that my feet (which have been bare all morning) could use some snuggly goodness, and grabbed my slippers. The left went on fine, while the right was blocked by some unknown object. When flipped upside down, the slipper yielded up (or down, as it were) its hidden treasure. Out came the Soothie. I have no idea how it got there and I suspect that this is only beginning of the missing-and-found-again-in-some-odd-place shenanigans.

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