Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting bigger!

Today Ainsley is five months old! I can hardly believe that she's so old already! Okay, maybe five months isn't ancient comparatively speaking. But it seems like just yesterday that she was only a twinkle in our eyes...and now she's trying to sit up, cracking up at our silly faces, and continuing to amaze us with how attentive and smart she is. Seriously, I could not have asked for a better baby. She is wonderful and every day I grow to love her even more. It's surprising to realize how much love I can have for such a tiny little person who doesn't even understand love yet. She just knows that I'm always there for her, to take care of every need. I guess maybe she gets it to some extent. Anyway, I just wanted to share some mommy-musings on this my daughter's five month birthday. :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"I Got Pictures of Your Toes"

So, it's been a bit colder here recently, and to prevent the goose from waking up from your second nap prematurely, I added this blue blanket, which was under the other main "heavy" blanket. Upon her waking, I removed the top blanket only to find the above situation. I had to get the camera...obviously. Hence the little song I made up for her.
"I got pictures of your toes...."

Friday, August 22, 2008


That is what I am right now. I have applied for over ten different jobs and have gotten nowhere. Joshua does have a store to transfer to once we're back out in WA, but I have nothing. Although I have always been the primary breadwinner, I have never before felt the burden of it before. We are blowing pretty much everything on the move, and we'll still have bills on the other end. Abstractly I know that the Lord will provide--He always does--but that doesn't make it any easier to actually walk in faith. My parents are being gracious enough to let us stay with them for a bit while we get settled out there, but I don't want to be a burden on them. On top of it all, I really just want to be a stay at home mom and raise my baby. At this moment I just really want to go stand out on my porch and yell really loudly.


(your prayers are coveted)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Okay, so we caved and bought Ains a jumperoo. We had a 20% off coupon! In spite of the fact that we didn't really have the money to buy such a thing, we got it for her anyway because she likes being upright so that she can see the world but she hasn't mastered the fine art of sitting up yet. We also thought that it could be helpful as we frantically pack up our lives here in MA over the next 2.5 weeks! Holy Cow! Anyway, here's a picture of her enjoying her new "toy."

Friday, August 08, 2008


So, I just made the unsettling realization that we have very little in the way of 9 month clothes for Ains. This is problematic a)because she is starting to need this size and b) because we are moving and about to be poor. We had so much 6 month stuff that I didn't even think about the next size up. Geez. So, here is my shameless plea...if you want to donate to Ainsley's wardrobe, she would appreciate it (us too!). We need pretty much everything...onesies, pants, dresses, etc. She fits best in Carter's, Vitamins Baby, and Gap/Old Navy. Also...if you are interested, we have updated her wishlist. And if you're short on cash like us, prayers and love are always welcome.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Friday, August 01, 2008

Long Overdue Update

Although I doubt that we'll hear many complaints about the fact that this has turned into the "Ainsley photo blog," I figured that it was time to actually put some words up here and fill y'all in on what's going on in our lives.

Today is August 1st. That means that we move back to Seattle in 34 days. This fact conjures up a plethora of emotions in me. The overwhelming feeling is one of joy that we will be back with our families in a climate that my body can handle. However, there is also sadness that we are leaving our church family, friends, and CBD here in MA. It has been odd and at times hard to make the mental transition from planning on being here indefinitely to having only a short time left before moving away. The third feeling is one that has just reared its head--mostly because I am now realizing how much must be done in the next 34 days. This feeling is panic. Looking around our apartment, there are a few boxes packed but it is mostly one giant unpacked mess. Yikes. Joshua is a superstar and he has begun the arduous task of packing up our life into cardboard boxes, labeling each one, and stacking them in the corner of our living room. The idea is that the stack will increase and my level of panic will decrease. That's the idea anyway.

For those of you who don't know, we will be living with my parents for a little while as we locate jobs and an appropriately located home (thanks Mom & Dad!!!). This alleviates some of the stress of moving back because we won't be homeless and living in our Corolla. As of right now, Joshua is planning on transferring to a Starbucks location out there. However, please keep the job situation in your prayers as Joshua would love to be doing something with photography as he gets his own business up and running. I would also love to transition into the supplemental income person instead of the breadwinner (mostly so that I can spend more time with my precious girl). So please, please, please be praying for us in this area of our lives.

Ainsley is full of personality and she keeps us highly entertained. While she is currently on a sort of nap strike, we still take delight in her and every moment that we spend together. Everything is a new adventure for her, and I am constantly reminded of the wideness of God's grace and the depth of His love for us every time I look at her.

Last, but not least, I have added the beginnings of a wishlist for Ains in the sidebar. This is for those of you out there who like to get a jump start on Christmas shopping--or for those of you who desire to bless us with baby stuff. I have tried to indicate which items are top priorities for us, so keep that in mind as you peruse.

Well, it's off to bed for me...I'm one tired Mama...

World Breastfeeding Week

Today is the start of World Breastfeeding Week! You can check out all the info on the La Leche League site

Here's to all the mothers out there who are giving their babies the best start! (and for those moms who can't--for whatever reason--cheers to you for doing the best for your baby.)