Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Halloween Picture

So, this is right out of the camera, with no editing what so ever. She was jumping around, and the on camera flash of the camera that I was using really accentuates her jaw line. Needless to say, we had to share. Try not to scream!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long Overdue VI

Here we are brushing our teeth. Apparently this is best done either laying on the floor, or squatting...

Long Overdue V

These shots are kind of self explanatory....

Long Overdue IV

Here are a few images that I linked to when I was introducing my new blog, but I figured that since you can't save them off of the other blog that I would include them here. These feature Ains attempting to drink her milk while retaining her spoons. She loves these spoons!

Long Overdue III

We put "piggies" in Ainsley's hair for these shots. Now, the thing about this is that Ainsley doesn't love having stuff in her hair. She usually picks out whatever you manage to get on there. Piggies are better because they are tighter and harder to remove. This was one of the more successful initial attempts. I have posted my favorite shot here already, but I included it in BW cause I like that version the best. Cheers

Long Overdue II

These images were mostly just for fun. Back in August, my mother and sister came down from Shoreline so that we could hang out and also so I could shoot my sister's senior pictures. It turned out to be a wretched day, with heavy rain and black skies. SO we hung out. It was great. As noted above, we went out and took some pictures. It was right around this time that I gave Ainsley her first taste of freshly picked black berries. She LOVED them. Cheers

Long Overdue I

Ok, so apparently I have been holding out on all the family types. Please note that the lack of current Ainsley images is not due to spite, but merely the fact that my life has been so crazy. I have, despite common understanding, been taking pictures of our family all along, but simply haven't had time to put them up. My sincere apologies. What will follow will more than meet current demand. Hope you like could comment to make sure I have motivation to keep posting...

These shots were from August (seriously, I'm sorry). We took the day to go to the park, and then down to some kind of outdoor event in Sumner, though I can't remember what it was called. The park is where we played, and the Sumner event is where we ate. I was a great time, and Ains got to play on the slide!