Thursday, October 19, 2006

Freedom Trail and amazing heritage

For the last week (give or take), our good friend Maria has been out visiting us. She and I had the opportunity to go down to Boston and walk the Freedom Trail together. Joshua and I did this the second or third day that we were here with the Lannings, so I already knew what to expect. Little did I know that being in the area for two years, and being steeped in the history of Boston and its surrounding areas would make such a dramatic difference. This trip to the city took on new life, as I was able to appreciate the richness of the history that was all around me. Even visiting the cemetaries was more amazing with a bit of knowledge of gravestone art. Maria and I had an awesome day absorping history and the beauty of the Boston area in the fall. I've included some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Even if you never come out while we are here (we're cheap tour guides, after all)--I strongly encourage you to come out and experience the richness of the history that you find in Boston.


Carrie said...

Forever and a day and still no pictures...sad. Then again, I had to play with blogger for an hour to find all of my lost archives. You're missing a huge snow storm (although I'm sure you guys have some crazies out there). I can't wait to commute tomorrow. Have I told you lately that I MISS YOU????

Carrie said...

Yay pictures! Looked & sounded like a blast. By the time I'll be able to afford a visit, you guys will have moved on to bigger and better schools. Still love & miss you though!