Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jury Duty

Today as I retrieved our mail I found that for the first time I have been called upon to "fulfill my civic obligation." That's right--I got summoned for jury duty. I'm not really sure why this brings such dread into my heart, but it does. Joshua has done jury duty--so have many of my friends and other relatives. It's not really a big deal since most of the time you go for a day, they don't pick you, and then you go home. I however have this seemingly irrational fear that I will be picked and then end up on a jury that's at trial for weeks. Not my idea of fun. Maybe if I hated my job this would be appealing...but since I like my job it is decidedly not appealing. I don't have to serve until June, so I will have to post again on my thrilling adventure, to be sure.

On another, but related, topic...they tell you on the form that you have to return that you can reply online. However, when one goes online one finds that this is not a viable option since that part of the website is under construction. Lame. I don't like sending those postage-paid postcards through the mail because of the possibility of identity theft, etc. Thus, I will spend money on a stamp to return this pre-paid piece of cardstock instead of being able to get all of this accomplished online. Yargh. I am now stepping down from my soapbox.

On a happier parents are coming out in about six weeks. I'm really excited to have them here. Mostly because I just plain like them, but also because it will be fun to have visitors that I can actually play hostess to. I've taken the time off from work, so I will have family time for a whole week. Hurray! Again, there will likely be a post on this adventure (which will obviously be much more fun than jury duty).

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