Monday, May 28, 2007

apparently i've been tagged...

If you want background on what this is, check out Carissa's post:

I find this to be somewhat's like a blog world chain letter of because my friend (whom I happen to like a bunch) tagged me, I will humor her by posting my seven answers...but I'm not going to tag anyone else...sorry...I'm a kill-joy I guess...

So here are my seven random things about your truly:

1) I have always wanted to be a rock star. This may not surprise some of you. I would love to tour, rock out on stage, wear crazy (but appropriate) attire, have CDs with my name on them, etc etc. Essentially, if I wasn't busy being responsible, I'd go out a be a rock star.

2) I don't like cake. I love pie, especially when Johanna makes it...but cake, not so much.

3) I don't like snow. Okay, so it's pretty when no one has trampled through it yet. But to be quite honest, I hate being cold and I don't like getting wet unless I'm in a swim suit and intend to get wet. Thus being outside in the snow, whether playing or shoveling our parking spot does not rank high up on the list of fun things for Sarah to do.

4) The smell of chlorinated pools brings joy to my heart. I really would love to have an office that overlooks a swimming pool just so that I can smell it. Okay, so maybe not that extreme, but I do love the smell of pools. It reminds me of some of the best times in my childhood.

5) If I could pick out my ideal life it would be something like the Amish...big family, tight community, farming of some sort, living life, loving each other, and working hard. Seriously though, all of the modern junk that we have just to make our lives easier makes me irritated sometimes. I think it's just the hippie inside me or something. But living the simpler life appeals to me.

6) From the time that I knew about getting married and changing your name, I always maintained that I would marry a man with five letters in his last name. My first, middle, and maiden last name were all five letters, and I wasn't stoked to change that up. I'm a nerd about numbers, letters, and any pattern found in them. Thus I was quite relieved that Joshua's last name is the appropriate length. I would have married him anyway, but it helps that his name matched my silly criteria.

7) Last but not least...I would like to learn to play a musical instrument well. Seriously...I used to play the cello and I was pretty good. But since that, I have not been able to (or maybe patient enough) to learn anything new. I think it really comes to being persistent and patient. Hmmm...

Well, there are my random facts for you. Soon and very soon I'll have a post with everything that's been going on in our life lately. Fun times.

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