Monday, October 01, 2007

Seattle Excursion

As you may know, I just returned from a trip back home to Seattle. The main purpose was to attend my Grandpa Joe's memorial service, but the nice side effect was that I was home for my mom's birthday and got to spend the weekend with my family. The memorial service was good, and a fitting tribute to my grandfather. I have a few pictures that I took of the "display" that was set up at the church. He had such a full life, there's no way to get everything up. But here is a picture of his Olympic gold medal, as well as one of the Poughkeepsie Cups that he won rowing.

For my mom's birthday, we went to a cozy little Italian place that had great food and good atmosphere. One of our favorite pieces of decor was the following sign hanging right above the entrance (it says "Good friends, fine wine, mellow music and something with garlic.":

They also had a fun sculpture out front and some pretty floral arrangements:

On Friday, Mom took me out shopping for maternity clothes. I really had no idea what to expect--which is good because she pretty much blew my mind. All I have to say is: My mom rocks!!!! Seriously.

All in all, the trip was good. I'm not feeling too much jet lag (at least right now) so hopefully that's a result of the rest that I got this weekend. I'm starting to actually look pregnant (when wearing the appropriate clothing), so I'll probably post a preggers pic soon. Till then....much love!

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