Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bottom's Up!!!

No, I'm not talking about a delicious pint of beer...I'm talking about Baby!!! She decided that it was time to quit fooling around and get into ready-to-be-born position. So we now have ruled out the last reason (that we know of) for a scheduled C-section. Can I get a witness!??! Seriously, though, we are relieved and very thankful that she is no longer breech. This means that all of the hard work we put into childbirth class can actually be put to good use. It also means that she can come when she wants to and not have a planned birthday. I like that.

We are busy washing tiny clothes and bit by bit getting the nursery ready. The crib is put together (though it still needs a mattress), the carseat is out and ready to install, and I've even thought more than fleetingly about packing a go-to-the-hospital bag. It's hard to believe, but her due date is only five weeks away! That seems like so little time to get everything done! And yet, we are both impatient to meet this wiggly, spirited, and precious little girl of ours. I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like to look in her tiny face for the first time and know that no matter how much I love her now it will only multiply a million times over in the years to come.

Joshua is keeping himself more than busy by trying to get schoolwork done in the midst of all of his photography stuff (and all of the baby related chores I keep asking him to do). But he's a trooper. He'll get everything done by the time it has to be done--even if it's just under the wire.

Cheers, for now!

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