Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Music lover

Our apologies to all for not posting for a while. Things have been a little crazy around here...but that's for another post. I just wanted to share something funny about Ainsley. Joshua has been working through the pictures he took for a wedding a few weekends ago, and part of that process includes waiting while the computer makes changes to multiple files at a time. So in the meantime, he does other things to keep him occupied. The last few days, he has decided to play guitar while he waits. He's played for Ains a few other times, but I haven't been around. However, I was here both yesterday and today to attest to the fact that Ainsley is fascinated by the guitar. She watches in rapt attention as Daddy strums away. She smiles and giggles and stomps her little feet. It is seriously one of the most adorable things ever. So now we know...if we want to keep her occupied and happy, break out the six string. :)

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Genko said...

I had an occasion last year to do a pickup choir gig, which involved three rehearsals. The director at one of those rehearsals had his baby with him -- maybe 8 months old? -- who couldn't be content with his grandmother for very long. So the director managed to hold the baby and direct the choir at the same time.

I mean, this kid was happy as a clam that daddy was saying all these things, playing the piano one-handed, listening the choir sing, etc., and being in the middle of this incredible amount of energetic activity and sound, and the kid was obviously quite pleased.

Interesting. One suspects the kid could grow up to be a musician.