Sunday, July 16, 2006

my family rocks

So, every year for as long as I can remember (and probably longer than that), my dad's side of the family has gotten together at Battleground Lake State Park. It's a family tradition that I absolutely love. We all settle into our camp sites, go out for pizza, swim as much as possible in the lake, play pinochle until we can't hold cards any longer, eat good food, and have an all around good time. Since Joshua and I moved out to the East Coast we haven't been able to go. This is mostly due to the fact that it is more practical for us to return to Seattle during May than any other time of year. Because we can only afford to come out once, I was really bummed this year when I found out that my brother and his girlfriend are going to be there. We were talking one night and Alex (my bro) asked if we were going to come out. I told him we couldn't afford it (in so many words) and he apparently decided that was unacceptable. Somehow between my brother's desire for us to come out (did I mention that I adore my brother), and my parent's desire for him to save the money he earns this summer, a plan was worked out. Unbeknownst to me, my parents decided to fly us out for a week in August so that we can come to Battleground. I almost jumped out of my chair when I heard this. Seriously, I was that excited. And it seems that other family members are stoked that we are coming out...My greataunt Dorothy sent my dad a check--a contribution to the "bring Joshua and Sarah home" fund. Awesome.

So really all I have to say is that my family is amazing. It's been really hard to be so far away from them, especially since we can only make it home once a year. This is a huge blessing, answer to prayer, some would say miracle. We are looking forward to being with family and getting to camp in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Did I already mention that my family is awesome? Because...they really are.

May you experience the joy of loving and being loved by those you treasure the most.

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Troy said...

OK. wow. So weird. My family used to spend so much time at that lake. My dad I went fishing all the time there when I was kid. How long has your family been going there? Who knows, we might have bumped into each other.