Monday, September 17, 2007

The Golden Age

Many people refer to the second trimester as the "Golden Age of Pregnancy." I think that I'm beginning to understand what the ubiquitous they mean. For the first 10 or so weeks, I felt like hurling at the mere thought of food. Pretty much I had "morning sickness" 24-7. I'll keep the other symptoms that I experienced to myself (since I know that not everyone wants the details). At this point, just a few weeks later, I am feeling much better. The queasiness that once filled my days has almost gone away completely. I'm slightly less tired than I was before, which is a definite bonus. The best thing is that I'm finally starting to show--just a little--but if you know that it's not just chubs, than you can totally tell. It's pretty exciting. As soon as my belly looks more pregnant and less like chubs, I'll post a picture. I promise.

On another note, I'm going to be the amazing traveling woman for the next two weeks. On Wednesday, I'm heading to Dallas for a business trip. I'll be there through Sunday for a Fiction conference. It should be a really good time of getting to know what's up and coming in Christian fiction, as well as the authors themselves. Then I'll be home for two and a half days before heading home to Seattle for my grandfather's memorial service. I'll be there through Sunday and then I'll get to come home for good. Whew! I'm sure that I'll have some pictures and stories to share when I get home. In the meantime, please keep me (and Baby) in your prayers during all of my travels. Take care!

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mandy said...

enjoy your trip!!! glad you are feeling better.