Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tuesday adventures

On Mondays and Tuesdays I carpool to work with James, who works in our web department at CBD. It works out well because then Joshua can actually go and run errands if need be, and go to class without having to be stuck at school all days long. So James and I were coming home on Tuesday and we had the joy of being rear-ended at a stop sign. Lame. Thankfully, there was damage to his car (though the gal who rear-ended us munched up her hood pretty good) and there were no injuries. In spite of the fact that I felt fine and baby was moving around like usual, I thought it best to call the midwives to see if they wanted to check us out or anything. It ended up being good that I called because the doctor on call (there's always a midwife and doc on call from our practice) told me to come in for fetal monitoring. Apparently that's standard after an accident. Joshua and I thankfully didn't have too much planned that evening. So we grabbed some reading material and headed on over to the hospital. It was good practice for the big day, actually. Our nurse, Danielle, was great and she took good care of us the whole time. And I say "whole time" because they kept me for a full four hours for monitoring. Good times. I can't complain too much about hearing our little one's heartbeat for that long since it's one of my favorite sounds...but still four hours is a long time. I had a few contractions while we were there, which was pretty cool because I could feel them (obviously) and see them charted on the print out at the same time. The good news is twofold--not only is our baby doing great with no harm (that we can tell) from the accident, but we also now know that Joshua can sleep perfectly well on the hard tile hospital floor. :) It was a long night, but one that ended well.

Since then, no other major adventures--thankfully. I hope to get one more picture posted while the little one's still on the inside. Not too long now and we'll be posting pictures of her precious little face! Hooray!

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