Monday, September 11, 2006

meeting famous people

One of the perks of working at CBD is that every once in a while, we have authors, musicians, and other wonderful folks come in to meet the employees and customers. I had the privilege of meeting Karen Kingsbury over the weekend. This woman is a brilliant writer. Seriously though, how many people do you know who can bust out eight novels in one year!??! She's truly gifted. Plus, she completely shattered my paradigm of Christian fiction. I was always a little (well, okay completely) snooty when it came to Christian fiction. I thought, "it's all sappy junk that doesn't deal with real life issues and just makes Jesus a warm and fuzzy friend." Don't we all think that sometimes? Well, maybe it's just me. Anyway, my brother's girlfriend Mandy really likes Karen's books, and since I think Mandy has a good head on her shoulders and doesn't just read lightweight stuff, I figured I'd give KK's books a try. Was I in for a surprise! She writes about hard stuff...the things that people go through in the real world...divorce, unplanned pregnancy, anger, bitterness, etc, etc... And in the midst of it all, the Light of the world shines through. I can understand why books like this can be life-changing for people. Anyway, all this to say--she's a wonderful writer and a very genuine person. I felt like I have known her for years while we were chatting. Plus, she's from Washington state...which automatically qualifies one as cool. :)

For anyone who is curious about who this woman is and why her books affected me in such a way, check out her website You might even find a picture of me on there!

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His amazing grace!
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Mandy said...

yay, sarah! i got you to like Karen Kingsbury. so since getting back less than a month ago from disney and dropping your brother off at Kenyon, i have read 10 of Karen's books. crazy, huh? they are addicting, aren't they? anyway, i miss you and can't wait to catch up with you... good luck with all of your work. i'll make sure to keep you in my prayers-- that the Lord will bless you in your last semester. love you, sarah!