Sunday, January 06, 2008

And now for some explanation...

Okay, so you may be thinking to yourself "What happened to Sarah's blog?!? It looks different, it has a different name, and Joshua is posting...what's up?!?" Well, when we first set this blog up (before moving out to MA) it was intended to be a "family" blog. However, Joshua decided at some point that he wanted to have his own place to share his theological ponderings and generally rant about things. That blog seems to have run its course, and we are now back to a point where a family blog makes sense again (since there's a little one soon to join us). So, "Sarah's blog" is now the "family blog." You should be able to tell who is posting because it will have our name at the bottom of the post. So, if you're wondering why I'm talking about photography or why Joshua is talking about being pregnant...check out who did the post and that should clear everything up. :)

Another clarification that is in order relates to our new blog title. When we discovered that we were going to be parents, we decided to keep our thoughts about naming the baby to ourselves. Thus we've had to answer the question "Do you have a name for her yet?" with "Yes, but it's a secret." That can get old after a while, mostly because it seems like an answer that not many people want to hear (not that they don't respect it, but it's not a very satisfying answer to those who were hoping to be filled in on the name situation). So one day I told Joshua that we should come up with a ridiculous name that we obviously would never give our child. I then proceeded to suggest Clotilda. Let's just be honest--that is not a name we would choose for our daughter. Ever. (No offense to anyone named Clotilda.) So, we've jokingly told people for the last few months that we're naming our daughter Clotilda. It's been a source of amusement--mostly for the two of us. I'm not sure that anyone else finds it as funny as we do. So, as we were trying to come up with a new name for our family blog (and we came up with some pretty ridiculous stuff), I just blurted out "No, her name is NOT Clotilda!" In retrospect, I think I was just trying to be funny as opposed to making any effort to come up with a good title for the blog. Apparently, Joshua liked it because he typed it in--and it sort of stuck. His first post (the one previous to this fabulous and thought provoking post) is a testimony to how even in the things that we find hilarious to begin with there can always be something to add to the humor. Leaving no rock unturned, Joshua wanted to check to make sure that we were spelling Clotilda correctly and...well, click the link below and we think you'll get a good laugh too.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion that anyone may have had. Perhaps you weren't confused at all, which means that you track with things much faster than I do these days. :) We hope that with our powers combined, we will post more frequently. So check back often--we'll try to keep both the humorous and thought-provoking posts coming.

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mandy said...

i was not totally confused.
only semi-confused.