Wednesday, January 09, 2008

If it's not one thing...

We had our third and FINAL ultrasound today! Yay! Baby looks "perfect" and the good news is that the placenta has indeed shifted. It's still a little low, but I should be able to have a natural labor instead of a planned C-section. What a relief! At least momentarily...we also found out that she is full-on breech right now. That's right toes up by her eyebrows, pike position, butt first, breech. Sheesh! She still has 10 weeks to turn, so I'm not too amped up about it yet, but it's still somewhat annoying/amusing to find out that we have one worry out of the way and another one to consider. So, as you pray for the three of us...PLEASE pray that she turns on her own and ends up head down like a good little baby. In spite of the surprise that she's breech, the ultrasound was really cool. Since she's so much bigger than last time (especially for Joshua who only went to the first one), we were able to see her in much more detail. She smiled prettily for the camera and didn't even stick her hand in the way like the last two times. We have a great face shot that we'll get up as soon as possible. If she comes out half as cute as she is on the inside, we're going to have one beautiful daughter! We could also see her legs really clearly with all of her bones and joints and everything. Truly amazing!

In other news, we're still working through all of our boxes from the move. It's been a slow process, mostly because I can't just buzz around the apartment getting things put away. Joshua has been a huge help, and I'm so thankful for all the work that he's put in making our new place feel like home. We've set a goal of getting everything (mostly) in order by January 20th. That should give us enough time to set up Baby's room and feel at least a little settled before she decides to arrive.

I still don't feel like we have anywhere near all of the stuff that we need for a baby. Not that I should worry too much about it yet, because we still have 11 weeks to go, but I must admit that I get a little paranoid about her coming early and us having no baby carrier (other than the carseat of course), no diapers or wipes, and very few newborn baby clothes. I'm sure that it will all work out--after all we haven't had a baby shower yet or really started buying things on our own. But I'm a mom-in-the-making and I worry about stuff.

So, that's enough rambling for now, I think. If you want to check out some awesome pictures while you're waiting for us to post the ultrasound photo, you can check out Joshua's photoblog . He has some fabulous pictures up right now of our friends' dogs. They're quite striking. Till later...

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