Sunday, April 06, 2008

Paternal Observation #1: Pee and Poop

There comes a time when, as adults, one finds the discussion of Pee and Poop to be not only common place, but absolutely essential. Babies...
Think about it: all this little person does, for the first days (years?), is pee, poop, eat, and sleep. Some of the time she is awake and content, some of the time she is awake and gassy, some of the time she is asleep and get the idea. All this mixed with more or less sleep, and more or less diapers.
It is fascinating how much we care about these basics of human functionality: is she going, eating, sleeping enough? It's also rather comical to note the excitement precipitated by a massive BM. I actually stopped and I really this enthusiastic (think "push it out, push it out, waaaaaay out!!!") about the fact that my daughter filled her britches?...what a strange development.
And to be frank, I think that its endearing to get peed on. Think about it: she wants to share the warm love that she has in her heart with mommy and daddy, and the only way she can get that out to us is...well, you get the idea.

Oh, and more pictures...

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Marguerite said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!